What Are Backlinks and why do I need them?

Backlinks are specific keyword hyperlinks from other websites and domains that point to your website, telling Google that your website ranks for that particular keyword. For example, if you have a Pet Food website, you would have Backlinks pointing to your website from other sites with the keywords “PET fOOD” or “DOG BISCUITS”. This will let Google know that you want to rank for these particular keywords.

How Do I Pay For my Order?

By Clicking add to cart or the subscribe button, you will be directed to the Shopping Cart where your order will be taken.

How Long Does it Take for my order to be Delivered?

Once we receive your order, we will start immediately on preparing it and it will be delivered to your email 24-48 hours later.

When will, I notice a Change in my Websites Ranks?

Generally Google takes anywhere from 1-30 days to index links on average. It is not guaranteed that Google will index any links but this is very rare. We also use a state of the art indexing system that your links will be run through after they have been completed which will submit them immediately to Google. This process gets the backlinks indexed in a fraction of the time and you will soon start noticing increase of traffic and a higher ranking.

How many Backlinks do I receive?

depending on which package you arder, you will always receive slightly more than you ordered. This is due to the fact that some accounts will automatically close the backlink pages down straigt away because the process was automated. So we give you extra to make sure you always receive the ordered amount plus more.

What Pages do I buy Backlinks for?

Backlinks can be bought fro any page of any website. The homepage is obviously where to start as it is a very important page and most likely will be your top landing page from the search engines. But always make sure to promote your product and other inner pages too. Not only does this increase traffic ten-fold but Google likes to see that a website is promoting all pages and not just a massive front page injection.

Apart from the Link Checker on your website, Where can I find a decent Link checking service?

Thereare many Link checking services that give detailed inside information into your backlinks and website. Some of the top sites are: ahrefs.com, moz.com, Open Site Explorer and Majestic SEO.