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Start improving your website ranks noticeably on Google. When you buy a backlinks package from us you will notice your ranks increasing within the first two weeks. If you follow our tailor-made plans, you will find your website on the first page of Google within a matter of weeks.

Why Do You Need Backlinks?

Backlinks are text, anchor text or images that are recognised by Google as showing authority to a webpage or website. The higher the rank of the website that the backlink is showing from is the more powerful and the higher the authority the backlink becomes. This in turn increases your website rankings on Google and other major search engines.  Rest assured, at Sonicbacklinks we use only top platforms and sites such as:


Private Blogs

  • Jimdo
  • Soup.io
  • WordPress


  • bitly.com
  • Instapaper.com
  • Pinterest

Web 2.0 Backlinks

  • disqus
  • nature.com
  • harvard.edu

Social Networks

  • jigsy
  • storify
  • tumblr

As a rule, we don’t deal with no-follow links as they have little or no effect with ranking on Google. Instead we only use high quality do-follow links which makes the packages at Sonicbacklinks unbeatable. You could have 1000 no-follow or low quality backlinks and it still would not be as good as 100 high quality backlinks.

Watch Your Ranks Rise


About Sonicbacklinks.com

We have a Data Centre connection with state of the art equipment installed that enables us to locate and create High PR and Top Quality Backlinks very quickly indeed. Gone are the days of hand creating hundreds of time consuming blogs with thousand word essays for content.

Now with Sonicbacklinks you can get the highest ranking Web 2.0, Blogs, Bookmarking, Social network and Wiki Backlink Sites easily automatically created at the touch of a button and delivered fully working within 48 Hours.

Sonicbacklinks offers another crucially important addition to your SEO Backlinks Campaign and this is called indexing. The moment your backlinks are created they are automatically sent across to an indexer for indexing at Google and other search engine site. The indexer is included in your package at no extra cost and it will work hard in getting your links indexed within 14 days. We constantly check the market to find which indexing company is offering the fastest and best service so that we are always meeting this target.

What will you get with the added indexer service:


  • Pinging is essential, all links are pinged one by one to promote visits from bots
  • Links are sent to a personal private network which provides an additional backlink to all your submissions
  • All links will be removed after a 30-day period, which is a technique that gets your links indexed
  • RSS feeds are created and submitted to RSS aggregate websites
  • Special technique which gets the Google bot to crawl / index your links within the first 24 hours of submission
  • Each of your URLs are set as a forum profile website page which are aged forum profile accounts which gives your links authority

The whole process takes 14 – 16 days to complete per submission and you will most definitely start seeing indexing results within a day or two. So with the indexing taken care of you have nothing else to worry about, just sit back and watch your ranks steadily rise over the coming weeks.

Recent Google Algorithm Update Reported by Algaroo

Google are constantly making it harder for websites to succeed in getting to the first page position. At Sonicbacklinks we have the solution to this problem with our affordable and intuitive packages.

Which Package is right for me?

There are a number of factors involved when it comes to getting your website ranked highly on Google. The main two are the age of your domain and the amount of strong authority quality backlinks you have pointing to your site.

Domains that are 2 or 3 years old and have a large amount of backlinks already pointing to it, say 10,000 or more, are safe to buy backlinks regularly and upto 1000 backlinks per week is not uncommon.

On the other hand, if you have a new domain with a very low amount of backlinks, then you will need to gradually build a portfolio of links so as not to make Google think that you are a spam site that is creating dodgy backlinks. This way it will build a rank reputation and a trust flow for your website that it will recognise and increase as you gradually add more high quality links. Doing it this way will get your site ranked highly without being penalised and build Trust Flow and Authority.

Sonicbacklinks also offers another major plus with our link building techniques. No matter if you are a new domain or old domain, we have made doubly sure that there is no question of getting penalised and you will only receive good, fast ranked results. When we create your backlinks we also create , generic and main domain URL backlinks (which we refer to as branding).

To Google the brand and URL of a domain is just as important as the actual keyword you want to rank for. Therefore we use a ratio formula of 60/20/20. To shed some light on that formula, I will explain further. At the point of creating the backlinks, if you were to create 100 anchor text keyword backllinks only and keep doing this, then after a while it could look as though all you want to do is just rank for this keyword and are not paying any attention to your brand or website or even domain health. This can be classed as spammy. So to combat this, what Sonicbacklinks do is create 60% main target keywords, 20% Generic Keywords and 20% Branding Keywords. This formula looks very natural and flows very smoothly with the Google Algorythm, getting your site ranked highly in a short space of time.

Your backlinks are created from a wide range of platforms and sites which keeps it diverse, organic and natural. Below are some examples of packages you could follow for new and existing domains:


Private Blogs

Private Blogs are great and can be a real inspiration to read so get some blog comments going now and feel great.

Wiki Backlinks

WikiLinks are awesome and can be great to use for awesome backlinks with pure wiki power what more can you ask for?


Bookmarks.  Add some bookmarks to start where you are with a bookmark. Just bookmark.

Social Networks

Social Networks blah blah blah Social Networks blah blah blah just more chat and chat than you can shake a hat at.

Web 2.0 Backlinks

Web 2.0 is awesome in its awesomeness and will continue to be ever awesome in as far as awesome goes.


Use these great tools now:  Article Checker, Keywords to Spintax, Live Link Checker.

The importance of website optimisation

On-Page Optimisation

Now here we start to get down to the real nitty gritty of winning the SEO competition. A website that is not correctly optimised is going to find it extremely hard to rank well. You must have generous amounts of text for an webpage and they should be keyword rich without over stuffing. Stuffing is the term for a webpage that has too many keywords on it. This will actually have a reverse effect when it comes to getting ranked. Google will simply not rank your page well if it is over stuffed. Try to keep a nice density and make sure all your content is hand written by you and add your main keywords to your pages. Here is a check list:

  • Fix all broken links and 404 pages
  • Have a good navigation system and sitemap
  • Page load speed should be optimised to a good speed
  • Make sure your content is your own and regularly updated
  • Make sure the site and page descritions and page titles are correct
  • Image file size should not be to large and include alt tags and descriptions
  • Proper use of the H1, H2 and H3 tags helps Google recognise important keywords

Off-Page Optimisation

This involves optimising using external sources from your website such as buying backlinks, Social Media, Social Bookmarking and Network. These are very effective methods for increasing ranks.